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Dr. Lefkowitz is a Board Certified ophthalmologist with over 40 years of practical experience; he is a surgeon and clinician. He has reviewed cases as an Expert for the Arizona Medical Board and he was a Physician Member of that same board. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor at The University of Arizona Medical College Phoenix, and teaches students and residents.

Things can go awry during cataract surgery. These include wrong power implant, dropped nucleus, broken capsule, vitreous loss and poor implant position. Post-operatively, problems include cystoid macular edema, infections, poor vision, retinal detachment and glaucoma.
During eyelid surgery there can be excessive hemorrhage; after surgery, problems include inability to close lids, droopy lids, inward or outward turning lids; also inadequate removal of lesions or tumors.
During surgery, these include incomplete flaps, poorly repositioned flaps, loss of suction during flap creation; post-operatively these include flap problems, blurred vision, epithelial ingrowth, residual astigmatism and spherical error.
Problems include failure to diagnose glaucoma, inadequate medical or laser treatment, undiagnosed narrow angle attacks.


Problems can occur postoperatively after retinal detachment repair, vitrectomy, intravitreal injections, laser photocoagulation and macular hole repair.


Problems can occur after strabismus surgery, including under- and over-corrections, scleral perforation, and lost muscles.

Medical Ophthalmology:

Failure to diagnose and treat: Diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, amblyopia, vision loss, retinal detachment. Read more about Ophthalmologist Expert Witness Services.

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