Available by phone, email, or video conference, Dr. Lefkowitz provides professional help for depositions, litigation support, Expert witness testimony for Plaintiff & Defense, and will travel for depositions or courtroom testimony.


Expert Ophthalmology Witness

Dr. Lefkowitz is a Board Certified ophthalmologist with over 40 years of practical experience. He has reviewed cases as an Expert for the Arizona Medical Board and he was a Physician Member of that same board. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor at The University of Arizona Medical College Phoenix, and teaches students and residents.

Dr. Lefkowitz provides expert ophthalmology witness services nationwide and specializes in Cataract Surgery, Eyelid surgery, Refractive surgery, & Glaucoma with 100+ cases completed on a contract/retainer basis.

Dr. Lefkowitz understands that some cases are time-sensitive, and once the case is received, he can offer a quick turnaround time.
To initially discuss all your Expert Ophthalmology Witness cases and needs, Dr. Lefkowitz is available by phone, or email through the Contact Me section.

Dr. Lefkowitz can assist in depositions, and in trial. He can provide a Certificate of Merit and Affidavits in support of your case. Dr. Lefkowitz can travel for courtroom testimony or can provide deposition services remotely via video conference. In addition, he can travel for deposition and trial.

Dr. Lefkowitz is an independent and ethical expert. His many years as a practicing ophthalmologist guarantees a wide knowledge and understanding of both clinical & surgical issues.
To reach Dr. Todd A. Lefkowitz MD immediately regarding Expert Ophthalmology Witness services, please visit the Contact Me section.


General ophthalmologists perform surgical procedures that are generally highly successful. They monitor medical conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. Sub-specialists such as retinal, corneal, and glaucoma surgeons handle more complex situations and perform higher-risk types of surgery.
All of these situations are difficult for anyone but an ophthalmologist to decipher and understand. An experienced general ophthalmologist has a unique understanding of what can possibly go awry in medical and surgical situations. The opinion of an expert is invaluable to attorneys who might be trying to determine whether actual malpractice is present. This can represent a savings in time and expense for the attorney and client.
When a case is initiated by an attorney, the value of the Ophthalmology Expert Witness in deposition and trial cannot be overstated. This can be the key to success in obtaining a settlement or in winning a case in trial.
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