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Oculoplastic Expert Witness Consult

Oculoplastic Surgery / Eyelid surgery:
Often Oculoplastic surgery is performed on the upper and lower lids to correct lid position problems which interfere with vision and tear production. Normally, these procedures do not result in post-operative problems, if the patients have been carefully chosen and the surgery is performed properly.
Many people will develop apparent drooping of the eyelids as a result of aging or heredity. In such cases, the redundant, or excessive, upper lid skin begins to weigh down the eyelids, resulting in loss of the normal skin folds of the upper lids and this can result in difficulty in raising the upper lids, obscuration of the upper field of vision, fatigue and headaches. In addition, this can cause a patient to look prematurely older, which is cosmetically disturbing.
Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which can remedy the above problem. It is done under local anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure. Prior to surgery, visual field examination and external photos are taken. These will demonstrate medical necessity to insurers, which can be fundamental in getting insurers to cover the expense of surgery.
In the preoperative suite, the surgeon will use a skin marker to determine how much redundant skin can be safely removed. In the operating room, the anesthesiologist will give IV sedation, and the surgeon injects the local anesthetic under the skin; the patient is unaware of this and has no memory of it. With the patient awake, the skin is removed and any fat pads that are protruding if needed. The skin edges are then sutured together, and steri-strips placed. The patient goes to recovery, and then is quickly discharged home.
The sutures stay in place for one week and are then removed in the office. There may be some swelling and discoloration of the skin, but this resolves quickly. The result should be esthetically pleasing, and will restore normal function to the eyelids and vision, resulting in disappearance of the symptoms that brought the patient to the office in the first place. If done properly, complications are extremely rare.
During eyelid surgery there can be excessive hemorrhage; after surgery, problems include inability to close lids, droopy lids, inward or outward turning lids; also inadequate removal of lesions or tumors. Problems after surgery can include inability to close lids, inability to open lids, inward or outward turning lids, hemorrhage and vision loss from hemorrhage. Careful surgical technique and selection of patients can prevent these occurrences.
Dr. Lefkowitz can provide Oculoplastic expert witness services (Eye lid surgery expert witness services) for a defendant or plaintiff, as a Oculoplastic surgery expert consult.
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